I believe that communication is key to all the most rewarding and joyful relationships, and that your business is no different.

You’ve built something incredible, and now it’s time to make sure your marketing does it justice: let’s get you seen and heard by people who love what you do, who understand your worth, and for whom you will become irreplaceable.

Here at Shard Social, I work closely and wholeheartedly with you to elevate and revitalise your online presence, while giving you time to do more of that you love. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your brand voice is in safe hands, as I use my decades of experience in the wedding industry to ensure you are connecting with your clients through social media in an intentional and impactful way.


Instagram is one of the wedding industry’s most powerful platforms: somewhere to showcase your style, captivate your clients, and let your personality shine too.

I offer both active and interactive management on Instagram, with varying numbers of daily posts and engagement, so that we can adapt the support level to the investment you are comfortable making.


I offer flexible levels on support across all main social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest – so that your voice can be consistent and welcoming no matter where your clients discover you.

If you’re at the early stages of establishing your online presence or starting your business, I can also help you set up your accounts in the most beneficial way. My support is completely bespoke: I can work alongside you, as part of your PR team, or I can take the entire management on from start to finish.

Regardless of which support level you choose, I ensure that the messaging you are posting on every platform is consistent, aligned with your brand, and fresh: I help you repurpose content in an intelligent way, without obvious duplications or repetitions. I’m here so you can use social media to have real conversations with real clients, and take that first step towards building long-lasting relationships of trust.

Pinterest has, without a doubt, become THE social media channel for professionals working within creative industries. Moreover, it’s consistently one of the most widely used tools by brides, all the way through their wedding planning journey. Whether you have an old account that needs an overhaul, a new account that needs setting up, or a current account that needs extra hands on it – we’re here to help. We can create boards, add pins, write descriptions, and connect your account with both clients and peers that will help your brand grow. 


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and highly respected forums for connecting with both peers and clients, both locally to you and worldwide. This is your chance to give your business a shareable, professional profile that highlights your skills, experience, and services. The ultimate platform for business networking, LinkedIn is one not to miss for anyone wanting to build long-lasting relationships in multiple industries.


As one of the most powerful and visual tools at your disposal, Instagram is a must-have for wedding businesses in this day and age. I offer both active and interactive management on Instagram, with varying numbers of daily posts and engagement, so that we can adapt the support level to the investment you are comfortable making. Whether it’s one post a day, five posts a day, smart engagement, or full management or the account, we are here for you. 


Facebook is a wonderful platform to showcase and market your business, and has long been one of the most widely used forms of social media marketing. We can help you understand the news feed algorithm, set up targeted and cost-effective adverts that you can learn from, share posts that will perform, create a shop, and generally connect with your audience in an authentic and intentional way.


Emma did an absolutely incredible job of managing - and organising - my Pinterest account and boards. Emma used her expertise to boost my followers and created a really strong foundation for me to carry on with myself. I am so grateful to her as her work is still at the heart of what I do today with my Pinterest account, which is one of my best referral sources.


Debbie Carlisle

Emma is extremely pro-active, professional, reliable and her attention to detail is all spot on. She has completely understood my brand, my brand tone of voice, the use of imagery in terms of brand fit and I whole heartedly trust her with my social media representation.

Instagram and Facebook

Nicola - Propose PR

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