Brand photos by Anneli Marinovich Personal Branding

Shard Social brand photos by Anneli Marinovich Personal Branding. I met Anneli years ago at a wedding event and she has been on my radar for many years, firstly as a wedding photographer but more recently as a brand photographer.

She had shot brand photos for a few of my clients, Nicola of Propose PR and Bernadette at The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners so I was familiar with her style and the quality of the imagery.

Having spoken to her I knew that she was my go-to photographer for my brand shoot.

It was a great help that Anneli is local to me and was happy to shoot in my house but it was really her zest for life, passion and personality that sealed the deal for me. I knew I needed someone to bring me out of my shell and capture the best of me, as I hate having my photo taken and will run a mile if anyone points a camera at me. And I hate running too!

Photographers are used to people saying they don’t like having their photo taken but I was so nervous about this I contemplated having a shot of vodka beforehand.

I needed have worried though. With Katy on hand to make me look pretty and Anneli breezing about the place looking for the best light my nerves soon dispersed.

Emma Shard sitting at her desk
I’m fortunate that I have a wonderful light office space that I love working in.

Anneli provides a fabulous pre-shoot package.

“I am a Personal Branding Photographer & Mentor.

My main aim, is to bring out the best in you. I will help boost your confidence so you can push your business forward.

After 10 years of experience, posing clients from all walks of life, seeking out the perfect locations and using the most flattering light, come naturally to me.

I focus all my attention on making sure we have a great time on the shoot, creating photos that will make you smile each time you use them. I’m all about genuine emotion, warmth and authenticity. If you want your clients to see the real you (on your best day), I’m your girl.”

And she really does. I would never have imagined I could actually enjoy that day.

Emma Shard with a chanel book in front of her face.
A quirky shot browsing one of my books.
Emma Shard holding her i-phone
I would be lost without my trusty i-phone.

Anneli provides you with a great brochure pre-shoot which offers lots of guidance and advise on how to pose, the types of poses you might like as well as the style and look of the images you are wanting to create including wardrobe advice if required.

Emma Shard sitting on her bed with her laptop holding a big silk flower in front of her face
Hiding again!
Emma Shard sitting in a high backed antique style chair with her laptop on her lap
Getting comfy with my laptop.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of brand aesthetics but it is essential to get it right in order to create a recognisable brand. I hope you like the images and don’t forget to check out Anneli if you are needing some fab new photos. I really can’t recognise her highly enough.

Be sure to join me on my services page to see how I can help you. Xx